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Prishtina trail marathon

Prishtina Trail Marathon is the first marathon race of this kind to take place in Kosovo. Happening in Germia, the heart of green area of capital Prishtina, it is organized by XTrailers running club. The race is certified by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA).

Prishtina Trail Marathon invites runners to compete in the marathon distance – 42K, half-marathon distance – 21K, and the 10K distance. Kids will be running a distance of 1 kilometer.

Prfile – XTrailers running club

Xtrailers running club is an independent non-profit organization established in 2018 in Prishtina, Kosovo. With 189 members, we currently are the largest trail running club in Kosovo.


Our mission is promoting running for everyone’s health and empowering the club in a friendly atmosphere which will be achieved through three strategic goals of XTrailers:

  • Good leadership and management of the organization through: continuous planning, implementation and reporting on activities; as well as ensuring the financial viability of the club.
  • Continuous increase in the number of regular members in running, by promoting running as a key factor in improving health; and
  • Developing genuine relationships between club members through educational communication and social activities.


Activities performed by XTrailers

During our first year of activity, members of the XTrailers club participated in numerous international and local races:

  1. Trail of Hope Race, over 20 members
  2. Prishtina Half Marathon, over 45 members
  3. Tirana Half Marathon, 48 members
  4. Gjakova Marathon, 16 members
  5. Ulqin Marathon, 29 members
  6. Marathon in Vodno Matka, 18 members
  7. Marathon in Krali Marko, 22 members
  8. Korca Half Marathon, 2 members
  9. The Athens Marathon, 3 members
  10. The Paris Marathon, 2 members
  11. The Vienna Marathon, 2 members.