The concept of Pristina Trail Marathon 2019 activity   

Pristina Trail Marathon is expected to be one of the most important events of Prishtina city hosting international runners from different countries. 

The main purpose of this activity is to promote and protect the beautiful remaining green landscape of the city and to contribute to raising awareness of the role and importance that nature has in human life, as well as to promote the values of sport and the encouragement of citizens to be active in sports. 

Running club XTrailers, as part of the framework of its Development Strategy, has a segment of social responsibility and in support of the community for nature protection. Therefore, the motto of the event will be: Run for green, run for clean – Prishtina city”. Whereas all the means obtained by this event as well as the eventual donations to be dedicated to nature protection and planting new seedlings.  

The aim of the activity is to become traditional by making it a trail running brand of the city of Prishtina. Aside from the sportive event for the marathon contestants, it will be considered a festive day for the city, where musical activities will be organized as part of this event in gratitude and support of the positive energy of participants that come from different regions.

A rich blend of runners are expected to participate in this sportive event, local, regional and runners from the European Union.

The goals of Prishtina Trail Marathon 2019 are:

  • We aim to make this international activity a brand for the city of Prishtina and a traditional one;
  • To promote the sportive values and to encourage citizens for staying active in sports; 
  • Besides as a sportive event for the contestants, to be considered also a festive day for the city; 
  • To gather runners from different countries;
  • To develop mountain tourism and promote the city of Prishtina;
  • To contribute to environmental education and awareness of the community for the role and importance of nature in human life;
  • To contribute with the funds obtained from this event to the addition of green spaces in certain areas in need; 
  • The development of the standout awareness campaign, which will take place in urban areas with a special role in educational institutions (elementary schools) to promote the role and importance of the nature in the human life.